WhatsApp Business API

Respond to your customers in seconds through the channel they use the most. A single line for all your agents and teams. Automate service with a chatbot available 24x7.


One line, many agents

Your sales and customer service team enters a single web platform to read and respond to customer inquiries. Chatbots are responsible for routing conversations to the correct team based on the type of query.


Audit and metrics

Analyze how your agents use the WhatsApp channel, how long they take to respond, the status of each conversion, the queries received according to their type and many other reports.


Respond automatically

Connect a chatbot to your WhatsApp number to answer the most frequent queries automatically without human intervention. Automate up to 80% of frequently asked questions and segment leads for marketing and sales.


Connect WhatsApp with other applications

In addition to getting to where your customers are, it is very easy to connect the chatbot with external systems and management such as a CRM or an ERP to enhance interaction with customers. In this way, your bot can manage accounts, purchases, collections and any type of business management.

No fixed costs

Forget about fixed monthly subscriptions. Optimize your costs by paying only for the messages consumed at the end of each month.

WhatsApp is available at the same price on all plans.

Installation and setup


We take care of migrating your current number and request authorization from WhatsApp to activate your WhatsApp Business API number. In three business days we activate your number.

Session messages

u$s 2/1000 messages

A WhatsApp session message is any message sent and received in response to a user-initiated message to your number. A messaging session begins when a user sends a message to your number and lasts 24 hours from the most recently received message.


u$s 0.080 / notification

A WhatsApp notification is a message format pre-approved by WhatsApp to send to customers whose last contact was greater than 24 hours. Notifications can only be sent to clients who have previously authorized receiving this type of message through an opt-in.

Frequent questions

Yes. You can migrate your current WhatsApp Personal or Business number. You can also link a new number either mobile or landline.

A conversation session is the exchange of messages after the client contacts the company. The session ends after 24 hours from the last message sent by the client. During the session time, any type of response can be sent to the client, be it text, images, videos and documents.

After 24 hours after the last message sent by the client, there are two ways to start a new session:

1. The client sends a new message, so the counter is restarted and the company can respond during the next new 24 hours

. company starts the session by sending a notification. Notifications are messages whose content is already predefined and approved by WhatsApp and only contain information of value to the client, such as a transactional message about the account status, payment receipt, payment notification, update notice, etc. Notifications cannot contain marketing or sales material.

Notifications, on the other hand, can only be sent to clients who have authorized the reception of these (opt-in). The opt-in acceptance mechanism is through a link that redirects to WhatsApp or Web WhatsApp.

For us to begin the authorization process by WhatsApp we only need two things:

1. That the company has an active page on Facebook
2. That the company has a Commercial Administrator account on Facebook and that it is verified

If you do not already have one Verified Business Administration account, we help you in the process.

The delay of the process consists of the administrative process of registering in AsisteClick and the approval of the number by WhatsApp. This complete process takes between 1 and 3 business days.

In case you want to migrate a number being used by personal WhatsApp or WhatsApp Business you need to first delete the account so that we can start the migration process. This can extend the total time between 6 or 8 days.

Yes! Just one of the greatest benefits of connecting WhatsApp to AsisteClick is that your clients contact you through this channel but your agents do not need to share the cell phone or WhatsApp Web ... they only enter https://app.asisteclick.com and respond from there , all even concurrently.

The platform allows you to manage conversations as tickets, assign them to other agents or sectors of your company, tag them for better organization and even add private messages only visible to the team.

WhatsApp Business API does not allow the sending of advertisements or commercial messages. What you can do is send massive transactional notifications , such as an account summary or a notice of overdue payment.

In any case, it is always the client who must make the first contact with the company and have explicitly accepted the opt-in.


Wapy, our bot concierge on WhatsApp, explains more about the benefits of this channel for your company and puts you in contact with a human advisor. Chat with Wapy on WhatsApp at +54 911 7005-2719.

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