There are customers visiting your brand online. Talk to them where they are, now.

The contact form does not have enough conversion for companies, they are not a solution for customers, and they are also totally asynchronous. Customers want answers when they are visiting your brand and through the same channel.
The live chat is the tool that connects you with them at the right time and place, so you potencies your company.

How does it work?

In 30 minutes you are chatting with clients and generating sales in real time.


Create an account

Get started with a free account now . It only takes you 1 minute with our bot.


Insert the script

And activate integration with any other channel: WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter or eMail


Start chatting

Your team answers responses using a single interface. On PC or smarphone.



Talk to your customers and prospects where they are: your website, by email, on Facebook, on Twitter and by WhatsApp.
You only use a single multichannel platform.


Route to the rigth team

Customer service? Billing? Sales? Connect customers with the right person in your company.


Team chat

Increase effectiveness in customer service with the internal chat tool for company members. 1-to-1 conversations, by team, assignment of client conversations and private notes.

Connect with clients 24x7 with a chatbot

that greets each visitor to your website, takes the contact information in conversational mode and transfers the conversation to you


Bot or form?

Not all companies are the same so if you prefer you can display a pre-chat form instead of a chatbot.


Share files

Send and receive text but also any type of file (documents, spreadsheets, pdf, video, image).


Say hello proactively

How to increase the number of conversations? With personalized campaigns that show a different message to each visitor.

Right where you are

Never lose a lead...

When you are not at your desk, you receive chat requests on your cell phone. You can even determine what hours you are available and which are not.


Know your metrics

Analyze the performance and quality of customer service knowing the chat acceptance rates, response time, workload, duration of conversations, customer ratings and pages with the highest conversion of contacts.


Power with chatbots

Do you get a lot of the same questions? Automate Artificial Intelligence and free your team for other tasks.
Do you lose business opportunities? Use conversational marketing chatbots to nurture, segment, and qualify leads.

Scale the team


Group, classify, organize and search for conversations through tags.


Build teams of people dedicated to different customer needs.


You can have multiple users with administrator access and others with an agent profile.

Quickly answers

Write the answers once and reuse them later to save time and be consistent.

IniStart for free with no limit of contacts and 30 conversations per month

and grows to unlimited conversations from U$S 9 / month

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