Messenger For Business

Unlimited contacts

There are no limits on the number of contacts, no matter the size of your company.

No additional costs

Bruno is included without additional costs in all plans at a fixed price.

CRM included

Leads are visible on the platform and managed as tickets from a browser or app.


Plug & play

Just create an account and Bruno is already running

Bruno is a plug & play chatbot, you don't need to train or configure it. Just select a plan, create an account, place the chat button's code website pages and voila, the chatbot will take care of your customers 24x7.

Burno will ask for the name, email and initial question of all website visitors.

Bruno, 24x7 leadbot

Multiple languages

Bruno speaks by default Spanish, English and Portuguese.

The chatbot detects customer language and replies in his own language. If your customers speak other languages you can add the translations to Bruno's entire dialogue.

Entity extraction

Bruno understands the content of customer's replies and extract information

When the chatbot asks for the email and the client replies something like "My email is [email protected]", Bruno detects the email, extracts it from the sentence and stores it as a contact attribute of the client.

Depending on the type of response, the type of data to be extracted can be determined, such as email, name of person or a number.

Transfers chat to a human

If you are online or if you are available in the app calendar of your smartphone, Bruno transfers the conversation to you so you can continue the chat with the customer.

When the transfer is made, you already have the customer information available such as name, email and initial query.

Routes chat to the right agent

Do you have more than one customer support department?

When you have more than one customer service department, Bruno automatically asks the customer what department he wants to contact.

The chatbot displays quick access buttons for each department so that the client selects with just a click.

Creates tickets when your team sleeps

Offfline messages are converted into tickets in the internal CRM

When there is no human online, Bruno creates a ticket for each conversation he has held so that the next agent to connect can answer.

Tickets are organized according to assignment (open, assigned to me, assigned to others and resolved). Any agent can reassign a ticket to another agent. You can also tag them for a better organization and attach private notes to complete the ticket information.

Customize Bruno

We believe that Bruno is a nice name and that his avatar does him honor, but if you prefer, you can change both the name of the chatbot and his profile picture.

Additional fields

Configure the chatbot to request the information you need from your customers

By default, Bruno asks all customers for contact information such as name, email and the initial question. If you need to gather more information before Bruno transfers the conversation or creates a ticket, you can do so from the chatbots editor. There are no limits on the number of questions.


You don't need to code to launch your chatbot

Bruno runs automatically every time someone requests to chat, but you can also activate it by adding the hashlink #leadbot at the end of your page's URL.

Por example, starts the chatbot automatically when the page loads. You can also include it in a hyperlink, for example:

<a href="#leadbot">Chat with us</a>

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